Merit is your Cyber Security Wingman

Secure your path to success by enhancing your defensive formation and reducing your attack surface with Merit's flexible managed services and tailored solutions for Startups and SMBs.

Why Us?


Over a decade of experience in security, servicing hundreds of customers of all sizes and sectors.

Service First

Maintaining a customer-oriented approach, that channels our passion for solving problems & expert knowledge of how to service your needs.

Customer Oriented

Aligning our focus with the customer needs for an effortless experience.


Utilizing Pay-As-You-Grow system with full control on your expenses to avoid overpaying.


Merit's best-of-breed security solutions keep your data safe from cyber threats, providing you with peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

Endpoint + EDR

Protect your environment against various types of attacks, including ransomware, zero-day exploits, fileless attacks, and other advanced threats. Our solution uses advanced machine learning algorithms and threat hunting techniques to identify and respond to security incidents in real-time.

Email Protection

Defend your key assets from email-based attacks, including phishing attempts, business email compromise (BEC), impersonation, risky URLs, and malicious attachments.


Enforce secure employee access to organizational resources by unifying logins into a single secure connection (SSO) and reinforcing it with industry-standard multi-factor authentication (MFA). This adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to critical systems, applications, and data.


Manage employee devices within your environment, whether they prefer Windows, Mac, or Linux, from a centralized location. Control device policies, set boundaries for access, and monitor device usage, helping to prevent data breaches and other security incidents.

Cloud Storage Scanning

As cloud storage becomes increasingly popular, it is more critical than ever to ensure that your valuable data stored on cloud platforms is secure. Our solution offers a cloud storage scanning feature that enables you to protect your G-Drive, OneDrive, Teams, S3 bucket, and others.

Cloud Protection

Protect your containerized workloads at runtime by identifying and shutting down unauthorized processes such as malware, crypto-jacking, and other types of attacks.

Patch Management

Identifying and resolving vulnerabilities in software, applications and OSs to prevent exploitation via cyber attackers. By effectively managing patches, organizations can mitigate the risk of security breaches and minimize the attack surface.

Browser Security

Enhances native-browser security with zero latency, ensuring full web compatibility including Microsoft & Google ecosystems. It boosts threat detection for sites\files, fortifies against malicious insiders, and provides remediation for both external & internal threats, all while keeping the user experience untouched.


Merit's flexible managed and professional services are aimed at companies who want enterprise-level security made accessible.

Managed Services

We manage your security and expand your defense coverage as you grow.

Professional Services

Premium Ad hoc Services




Understanding the customer's needs and budgetary constraints



Offering the most appropriate security suite based on initial assessment



Deploying security solutions at a pace that best suits your timeline



Improving security posture to ensure you maximize your return on your security investment



Pay as you Grow, our flexible business approach that grows with you

Become a Business Partner

Merit provides security services to services providers.

About Us

Merit was founded to aid Startups and SMBs to handle and maintain cyber security operations. We based our company's culture around our experience on customer's needs. The combination of our cutting-edge solutions and managed services generates a powerful suite of protection and security enhancement that best fits our customers.

Let us handle the security work for you, while keeping you focused on your main mission.

"Your security merits a simple and clear approach"